Christian Outreach Trust Welcomes You.

One of the most pressing needs in South Africa today is to have a more skilled workforce. Lack of skills among the youth is holding back the development of our country and thus also holding back the creation of jobs to solve the chronic unemployment problem.

In our small way COT is trying to alleviate this problem by creating opportunities for skills training to the young people participating in our programmes. We try to ensure that the qualifications our graduates obtain are relevant to the needs of the country so that their skills will be sought after and they will be able to contribute positively to the economy.

We also try to instill Christian values to those on our programmes. Values that will be a bedrock foundation throughout their lives.

COT Committee Members

COT Committee Members at a recent meeting.

Christian Outreach Trust (COT) has been in operation for over 15 years helping many children and young adults realize their potential through education and solid Christian values.
It is important to note that COT itself incurs no administrative costs such as rent, rates, salaries and all costs relating to transport, telephone, postage, emails etc. are borne by the committee members themselves.
Christian Outreach Trust makes use of the GivenGain® Foundation to process donations ensuring your information is kept secure. Read more on how you can help us sustain and grow our projects at our donate page.