Who We Are.

The Christian Outreach Trust (COT) is a non-profit organization with a section 18A certificate aligned to St Agnes Anglican Church in Kloof, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Formed in 1997 originally to rehabilitate, through education, 24 young people left homeless after the closure of a nearby shelter, COT has grown enormously.

Like many other organizations, we try to help students of all ages with bursaries for their education but further to this, we provide accommodation for up to six students in COT House. We believe this is unique.

Close contact is maintained with all those to whom we give bursaries and our aim is that with our encouragement and support they will become confident and independent adults.

Christian Outreach Trust (COT) has been in operation for over 15 years helping many children and young adults realize their potential through education and solid Christian values.
It is important to note that COT itself incurs no administrative costs such as rent, rates, salaries and all costs relating to transport, telephone, postage, emails etc. are borne by the committee members themselves.
Christian Outreach Trust makes use of the GivenGain® Foundation to process donations ensuring your information is kept secure. Read more on how you can help us sustain and grow our projects at our donate page.